BREAKING NEWS: Boskalis threatens to leave the Netherlands

3 min readJan 8, 2023


Boskalis, an international services provider operating in the dredging, maritime infrastructure and maritime services sectors, may leave the Netherlands.

The company CEO, Peter Berdowski, said on Sven Op 1 radio show that the chance for this scenario is very real. The main topic of the radio debate was a new law on corporate social responsibility.

In an interview with FD earlier this week, he also confirmed that “it would be impossible for him to do business in the Netherlands once the new law comes into force.”

According to Berdowski, it is his managerial responsibility to always think about the best place for the company. “That has been the Netherlands for the past 110 years, but that is not self-evident. We are now taking that seriously,” said the CEO.

The decision has not yet been made, but the CEO of the Papendrecht based company is not positive on this situation.

The obligation of companies to go green is difficult for Boskalis, said Berdowski, who also pointed out that there are no alternatives to fossil fuels for vessels yet.

Berdowski also said that Boskalis has many projects in different countries and “at any time, it can be tested in court whether we are allowed to carry out a project and then we can look at human rights or CO2 emissions or nature conservation.”

He believes that “Boskalis’ legal position is becoming too uncertain.”